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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

2021 Senior Outcomes

Congratulations Class of 2021! 

We are immensely proud of our 2021 Mount Alvernia College graduates, not only for their QCE results but for their efforts over the last 12 years of schooling. The Class of 2021 has achieved outstanding results, including a median ATAR of 86.20

College DUX

We congratulate our College DUX, Kealey McMinn on an outstanding ATAR results of 98.75. Kealey’s top university preference is a Double Degree in Maths & Computer Science University of Queensland (UQ). Good luck Kealey! 

Principal Comments

It is with great joy and enormous pride that we share with you the senior outcomes of our class of 2021. Together we celebrate these fine achievements which are a testimony to the calibre and tenacity of our students. We recognise and acknowledge that this is a journey that has been shared with a strong network of supporting parents and caregivers coupled with the care and diligence of an exceptional teaching team.

At Mount Alvernia College we know that the culminating academic achievements of our students are just one part of a Franciscan education. With a mission to build courage, curiosity, and compassion in all that we do, we could not be prouder of our Year 12’s and their achievements this year.

We firmly recognise that behind these statistics and numbers rests the unseen personal narratives; stories of challenge, adversity, disappointment, joy and triumph. We also acknowledge those individual successes of students whose results may not convert to academic honours but for whom the achievement was substantial. Today we stand beside each and every one of our students and commend them for all that they are and all that they will continue to be as strong and capable alumnae of Mount Alvernia College. A future of great possibilities now unfolds for each of our graduates as they harness their gifts and talents for good, and we cannot wait to hear about their next steps.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, we are beaming with pride for you.

Deputy Principal Teaching & Learning Comments

At Mount Alvernia College we pride ourselves on having an intentional graduate vision. Mount Alvernia graduates are people of hope, courage, industry, persistence and curiosity. They are highly literate and numerate; they know how to learn and are committed to ongoing improvement. Capable critical thinkers, they value accuracy, precision and feedback. They engage in respectful, robust questioning and conversation to progress their own learning.  They practise their skills and routines with regularity to ensure proficiency. They value work readiness, diversity, tolerance and global perspectives and recognise the role they will play as changemakers for a socially just and ecologically sustainable future.

The Seniors of 2021 have most assuredly lived up to their promise, showing persistence, agency and scholarship across ATAR and Vocational pathways. Indeed, the 2021 results speak to the incremental gains that are possible when students work in partnership with teachers. May I take this opportunity to congratulate all students who strived for their own personal excellence in 2021 and to thank them for having the courage to be aspirational for themselves. May I also take this opportunity to sincerely thank and congratulate our wonderful teaching staff, whose dedication, talent and intentionality have assisted in the achievement of these outstanding results.

We have every reason to be proud.


ATAR Explained

Since 2020, Queensland students have been assigned an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) for academic entry. An ATAR allows tertiary admissions centres to compare students from across Australia when they apply for tertiary places. A student’s ATAR is a number between 99.95 (highest) and 0 (lowest), expressed in decrements of 0.05. Where the OP was a broad ranking mechanism (using 25 bands) the ATAR places students in a rank with much finer distinctions (2000 bands).

For further information on the QCE ATAR system, we invite you to visit the below link to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

QCAA Website - QCE System