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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

Home Room Program

Mount Alvernia College

At the heart of daily College life is Home Room – the foundation of our pastoral program. It is a place of joy, respect, compassion and love.

There are 54 Home Room groups within the six Houses. Home Room is held three times a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In each Home Room group there are around four students from each year level with a teacher who generally stays with the group through the students’ time at the College. Within these groups, older students are assigned to mentor younger ones.

The Home Room teacher is the first port of call for parents, especially when contacting the College with issues of a pastoral nature. At all levels, all teachers are expected to take an active role in the pastoral care of all students in their classes whether they are in their Home Room or not. Teachers are guided by a recommended Home Room program.

Our vision is that all members of the Mount Alvernia College community feel safe, appreciated and nurtured. The Home Room is the place where this vision becomes reality and helps our girls to grow. Through relationships, prayer, dedication, and the simple life, the whole person is nourished and nurtured for good in Home Room.

The intention of the Home Room program is to build positive relationships in the Franciscan spirit as it weaves the building blocks of relationships, prayer, dedication and the simple life together so that all members grow within the Franciscan way.