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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

Personal Development Program

Mount Alvernia College

The Mount Alvernia personal development program comprises lessons and activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital, and contribute to overall wellbeing.  The program is presented each week in specifically timetabled lessons that vary for each year level.

At each year level, the girls experience programs that nurture their social, ethical, physical, intellectual, and emotional development.  Importantly, all teachers are directly involved with delivering aspects of the program.  They are often assisted by senior students who not only teach aspects of the program, but mentor and guide students in younger year levels.

The personal development program is structured so that there is a specific theme for each year level.  It aims to deal with topical issues related to age and stage of development.

Year 7: Connecting to Story

Enables the newest community members to understand the College’s ethos and origins

Year 8: Understanding My Identity

Guides students to recognise what influences who they are and their unique characteristics

Year 9: Self in Relationship with Others

Assists students to understand their social being and how to create positive relationships with others

Year 10: Beyond Self

Students begin to see themselves as part of a community to which they can make a valuable contribution

Year 11: Finding the Balance

As students grow in independence they need reminders to keep a healthy balance between their social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Year 12: Leading into the Future

Transitioning beyond school can be a daunting process so students are supported in identifying the experiences they may face.