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Adolescent Success STEAM Student Conference

Date: September 12, 2017    Posted by: Camilla Horn

What is STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Maths – a wonderful one-day conference that a number of our Years 9 and 10 students attended with 100 other students from Brisbane and the Northern Territory at the Convention Centre on 25 August.   Well done to all of those girls.

Beth Falzon tells us a little more:

The STEAM excursion was a very engaging experience that taught us a lot about learning and creating in different ways.  In the morning we had a two-hour conference, in which we were introduced to the events of the day, and had Kevin Honeycutt (who was extremely entertaining) talk to us about learning online.  This was a great opportunity to see what is actually out there in the online world, and we were exposed to a myriad of different websites and apps that could enhance our opportunities as a learner. One of the examples was an app that allowed the iPad to be an actual guitar, clarinet, piano, drum kit, and more.

After this, we students were broken up into four groups and went off to our activities.  My first one was called Activate Entertainment, where we used a video production app to create a short film with effects.  I was soon pulled out to speak at Ms Clark’s IT conference, where we helped the delegates through a scratch tutorial.

After this, I went to the next activity, Youth Assertiveness.  This was all about active learning, having goals, and trusting in YOU.  I liked this one the best because it allowed us to relax and have trust in ourselves to achieve the challenges set for us; however, we were quite restrained by having a dress when trying to do yoga!!  Our last activity was called The Cube, where we were able to play and construct with things called ‘little bits’.  This was also fun because it tapped into the innovative and problem solving part of our brain, as we had to use these ‘little bits’ to improve the lives of the collective elderly.  Overall, it was a great day that allowed us to gain important experiences and lessons that will help us grow as learners throughout our schooling journey and beyond.