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Anzac Day Commemorations

Date: May 3, 2019    Posted by: Camilla Horn

Students honoured the courage of our servicemen and women in a number of ways this year.

On Wednesday 24 April the college community gathered with community members with Defence Force links to pay tribute.  Major Alan Holley gave an address in which he paid particular attention to drawing a link between the spirit of the Anzac today and its relevance to his audience of adolescents.  While the story of the Anzac is well known to our girls, it becomes extra special when they can see that the story lives on in the preparedness of people to stand up for the land which we call home.

Anzac Day dawned and saw a group representing the College at the Dawn Service at Kedron Cemetery.  This was followed, later in the morning, by the parade and service at the Kedron Wavell RSL.  More than 80 Mount Alvernia students were in attendance at this venue.

Five students made the annual pilgrimage to Canberra, where they inspected the various different memorials along ANZAC Parade and were amazed at the detail behind each one.  “Every single part of the memorial was meticulously planned; some statues facing the East to catch the rising sun, the use of water to symbolise wars fought across the seas, stairs seemingly unfinished to remind us of the rough terrain our men and women endured, floors done in intricate mosaic patterns that actually mapped out the Greek islands, and so much more.”  They paid their respects at the Dawn Service and spent some tour touring the War Memorial.  Our thanks to the Kedron Wavell RSL for sponsoring this event each year.