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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

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Welcome to Mount Alvernia College, a community inspired by the lives of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi, and the founder of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Elizabeth Hayes. Mount Alvernia graduates leave the College hope-filled and resilient, with agency for learning and life, to transform the world.

General Information

College App

The College uses an App as the primary source of communication to parents. The App links to our College notices, calendar, events, newsletters, and co-curricular information. It also provides staff and administration contact details, including the facility to notify of student absence. It is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Absence & Lateness

Reporting Absence

If a student is absent, we ask parents to follow the following procedures:

  • If your daughter is absent from school you may notify us via the College App this can be downloaded by searching for Mount Alvernia College. You simply complete the details on the page and tap ‘send’ at the bottom of the page
  • You may still ring the absentee line if you would like. This can be done by tapping the phone icon on the College App or ringing the special absence recording system number (3632 8591) before 8:00am
  • An SMS message will be sent from 9:00am to a student’s parent/caregiver if she is absent from school without a notification of absence.

Early Departure
When a student needs to leave the College precinct during the day, parents or legal guardians should contact College Reception to state the time and reason for the departure. No student will be permitted to leave the College without permission. The time of leaving will be recorded and the absence marked on the official roll.

 Late Arrival

  • When a student arrives at school after 8:30am in the morning, she must report to College Reception, where her time of arrival will be noted. She will receive a late slip to present to the teacher of the class she will then enter.
  • Ordinary medical and dental appointments should be avoided during school time.


  • Any student leaving class due to sickness must inform the subject teacher before reporting to sick bay. Parents will be notified by the College and arrangements will then be made for the student to return home. If parents are not available, the emergency contact will be called from Student Reception.
  • It is essential that the name, phone number and address of an emergency contact (other than a parent) where the student can go is on record. Students are not permitted to make their own arrangements to go home.
  • The Sick Bay is used only for temporary accommodation while the student is waiting to go home.
  • Students should not come to school, or remain at school, if they are ill.

ID Cards

All new students have their photo taken at the start of the school year. This photo is printed onto a credit card sized ID card, along with their name, home room, date of birth and barcode.

  • A computer chip in the card allows students to open the perimeter gates and certain doors during school hours.
  • Students need to use their student ID card when making purchases at La Cucina, our College canteen.
  • It is important that students keep their card secure and with them at all times. The ID card also gives them access to books from the iCentre and the use of photocopiers.
  • If students have any problems with their ID card they should see their Home Room teacher or Ground Floor Reception for assistance.
  • If lost or damaged, replacement cards are available from the College Reception at a cost of $10.00
  • ID Cards are dated to expire on 31 March of the year after they are issued so students are able to access discount fares on Trans Link buses. ID Cards for Year 12 students expire at the end of their time at the College.
  • As students new to the college will not have a Student Card until Week 3, new students only will be allowed to make EFTPOS purchases at La Cucina.


When in school uniform, students are representing Mount Alvernia College. At these times, their behaviour, and the manner in which they wear their uniform should comply with general school regulations. While the school cannot always control the behaviour of students in public, those students in uniform who are unable to behave appropriately will be required to accept the consequences of such behaviour.

Formal Uniform
Formal uniforms are to be worn to and from school every day. If students have a sport lesson during the day, they are required to wear the formal uniform and change into the sport uniform at the break before the lesson and change back at the next break. The only reason students would be in sports uniform after school is if they are participating in after school sport activities.

  • Regulation day dress (should be knee length or below) or blouse with trousers/shorts. Both options should be worn with year level tie. House, school and name badges should also be worn.
  • Black leather lace-up College shoes. Laces must be tied. (Deck shoes, ‘ballet’ or strap shoes are not acceptable.)
  • Plain white crew socks or Mount Alvernia crew socks. Plain white socks are to be of similar length to the Mount Alvernia socks (Sport anklet socks are not acceptable). Grey or skin tone pantyhose may be worn with the dress. Leggings are not to be worn.
  • Formal hat – must be worn to and from school as part of the College Uniform.

WE are a HAT School – this means that students must wear hats during breaks, when outdoors for activities and to and from school.

Sports Uniform

  • Regulation sports uniform: Mount Alvernia grey shorts or black representative shorts and Mount Alvernia maroon sports shirt
  • Sports shoes only should be worn. Skate/surf/volley/“ballet” and canvas types of shoes are NOT acceptable.
  • White Mount Alvernia anklet socks or plain white anklet socks.
  • Either Mount Alvernia bucket hat or Mount Alvernia sports cap.
  • The official school track suit or hoodie can be worn during HPE or sport activities or when representing the school at sporting events. It can be worn with sports shirt, skirt, or shorts. The sport hoodie or track suit is not to be worn with the formal uniform at anytime.
  • One-piece swimmers must be worn during all College water events. Mount Alvernia College swimmers can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Sun shirts and bathing caps are compulsory.

Sports Representative Uniform

  • Regulation sports uniform Mount Alvernia grey shorts or black representative shorts and Mount Alvernia maroon sports shirt must be worn unless provided with a sport specific uniform by the Sports Coordinator (e.g. Open Team Uniform).
  • If selected in the Mount Alvernia Swim, Athletics or Cross-Country Team, the Mount Alvernia swimming costume and athletic strip must be worn.
  • White Mount Alvernia socks, plain white socks or Mount Alvernia long socks (e.g. soccer/hockey)
  • The official school track suit or hoodie can be worn when representing the school at sporting events. The hoodie should only be worn with sports uniform.

Winter uniform

  • Mount Alvernia blazer with monogram is a distinct part of the winter uniform and compulsory for Terms 2 & 3 and worn with regulation day dress.
  • Mount Alvernia regulation V-Neck Pullover (Woollen or synthetic) is an optional extra with the regulation day dress.
  • A Mount Alvernia school scarf may be worn in winter.
  • The school Hoodie should NOT be worn with the Formal Uniform at any time.

School Bags

  • A Mount Alvernia school bag with monogram is available from the school Uniform shop. Non- regulation school bags are not allowed at any time. The school bag is to be brought to and from school each day.
  • School bags are not to be defaced with graffiti or in any other manner.
  • A specific Sports bag is an optional purchase for carrying sports gear.
  • Excursion Bags are compulsory when attending out of school venues/excursions.
  • The School TOTE Bag is for In-School use ONLY. It is ideal for carrying materials to classes and should be kept in your locker when not in use.
  • School bags may be taken to San Damiano or S Block classrooms for period size if students need to exit school via Somerset Road.

Mobile Phone & Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and electronic devices are the responsibility of the student. Students in Years 7 to 12 must place their phones in their lockers on arrival at school:

  • Students are not permitted to check their phones during breaks.
  • Students may take their phone or electronic devices to class for lessons if it is a request of the teacher, but it must be returned to the locker at the next break.
  • Students are not permitted to use earphones at any time while walking within the college grounds
  • Smart Watches of any kind must be disconnected from connectivity while students are at school.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

Any staff member who observes a breach of the Code of Conduct has the responsibility and duty of care to redirect a student to comply with College expectations. Student behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct is not acceptable. Mount Alvernia works primarily to restore relationships that are affected due to unacceptable behaviour. This approach sees wrongdoing as a violation of relationships and provides the opportunity for all students to learn and to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

In some circumstances when students continue to breach the code of conduct, appropriate action may include behavioural contracts, detention, mediation, suspension or cancellation of enrolment which will be at the discretion of the College Principal. In accordance with applicable legislation and the College’s Child Protection Policy, the Police and/or Department of Human and Health Services will be informed of any unlawful breaches of the code of Conduct.

After-school Detention
After school detention is a time for a student to consider how their unacceptable conduct affects themselves and their relationships with others. It is a time to find a way to restore the impact of this behaviour.

For Pastoral Matters (ie unacceptable conduct relating to uniform, behaviour, technology, respect for each other) an hour detention on a Friday will be managed by the teacher on duty. This detention will be issued by the relevant Pastoral Guardian who will advise the parents/caregivers. The session will run from 3:15-4:15pm.

Students can receive a Friday afternoon detention for the following:

  • repeated uniform infringements
  • wearing ear buds through the school grounds
  • phone in possession without permission
  • repeated technology misuse
  • repeated breaches of code of conduct.

Academic Matters

A Friday afternoon detention for academic matters can only be issued by the Learning Area Advisor who will advise the parents/carers.

In the main, Friday afternoon academic detentions will be issued for failure to submit an assignment on time (when an application for extension has not been lodged) or the student does not attend a lunchtime detention.

Lunch Time Detentions

The following will be reasons why a student may be required to attend a lunch time detention:

  • Homework not completed on three occasions (within a term)
  • Non-submission of drafts (if relevant)
  • Academic application matters, eg equipment not brought on more than three occasions; lack of engagement in work (within a term)
  • Uniform infringements on two occasions (within a term)
  • Using technology including mobile phones that does not respect the guidelines of the College Failure to attend a lunch time detention will result in an automatic Friday afternoon detention

Student Matters

Junior Study (7-9)

Junior Study operates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15am-4:30pm.

This program affords students a quiet place in which to complete homework, research for assignments, use library resources or just organise their work for the week. Students are required to work independently or with others on subjects/tasks of their choosing. Each session is supervised by teachers who are able to offer assistance when requested.

Students are required to sign in and out of sessions that they choose to attend. Parent permission is required if students need to leave a session early.

Student Enrichment & Advancement Centre (SEAC)

The staff of the SEAC organise and run assistance programs for students at all levels. This includes enrichment programs for learners with high potential as well as assistance for students with learning difficulties. The Centre has as its focus the development of innovative ways of supporting all students in the College, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of targeted groups of students, for example, students needing literacy and numeracy support and development, or students requiring individualised programs.  Assistance is also offered to students who need help with study methods and organisational skills such as time management.



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Other Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Welcome Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Liturgy Committee
  • St Vincent De Paul (SVDP)
  • Environmental Club ‘Sprout Squad’
  • Debating
  • Delamore Outreach
  • Art Workshops
  • Drama X
  • Spirit of Mt A Squad
  • Cosplay Council
  • Robotics Club
  • Read like a girl
  • Z Club (ZONTA)

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