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Mount Alvernia College

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Mount Alvernia College

Mount Alvernia College offers a wide range of academic co-curricular activities.  From Maths Team Challenge, to book clubs, to the Environmental Club, you can be sure that there is an activity for you.

To celebrate the wonderful work happening in these activities, in 2018 the students of Mount Alvernia were asked to come up with a brand name that encompasses all the clubs and teams offered. Amy Hart, a Year 11 student, came up with the name Phenomenal Females and Holly Smith, also in Year 11, designed the logo, ensuring that all clubs and teams were represented.  We are proud of the logo and name, and thank Amy and Holly for their hard work.

If you’d like more information about any of the academic co-curricular offerings at Mount Alvernia College, please contact College Deputy Michael McDonald for more information (

Art X - Explore, Extend, Excel

Art X is a program of visual art experiences developed by our Art teachers for interested students in Years 7-10.  Art X is open to all students, regardless of whether or not they are currently studying Visual Art.  The aim of this program is to provide opportunities for all interested students to explore, extend, and excel in visual art making.  A number of workshops are offered as part of the co-curricular program, to be delivered by our Art teachers, Mrs Rhiannon Markwell and Ms Lorella Masci.  Art X workshops run once a week after school until 4.30pm in the art rooms.

Book Clubs (Mount Alvernia & Padua Colleges)

There are two Joint Padua and Mt A book clubs – one for Clare School, and the other for Elizabeth Hayes School.  They both meet once a term, alternating between Padua and Mt A libraries.  The students read a book or books on a particular theme and discuss their opinions at the meetings.  Lively discussion about their thoughts is a regular occurrence, and recommendations are swapped before the end of the meeting. Students are notified of time and place via notices and emails.


Mount Alvernia participates in the competition run by the Queensland Debating Union, which organises state and private schools across Brisbane and the state.  There are three rounds of prepared topics and one ‘short prep’ each season.  There is usually a squad of five to seven students, which allows girls to experience the speaker role and also those of chairperson and time-keeper.  In the lead-up to a debate, meetings are at first breaks and also at least once after school to properly prepare the cases.  Debates occur in the evening, usually at a local school such as Craigslea High.  

After the Year 7 competition ends, we hope to run a casual, debating club once a fortnight.  

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club was started to target some of the environmental issues in our world.  Members work to do their part in the college and wider community to reduce the stresses on our environment.  This club was only started in 2017, but already members from all year levels have reduced the use of plastic within the College, and are working to encourage recycling.  Regular meetings are held to discuss topical issues and work is continuing on current projects.  Since this is a fairly new club for the College, it is still growing and new members are always welcome – the more support, the better.

Maths Team Challenge

Maths Teams Challenge takes place in Terms 1 and 2.  Participants come from all year levels, and work on a range of maths problems together.  The team usually meets in first break, but days will vary year to year depending on teacher timetables. 

Readers Cup

Mount Alvernia College submits a team in the Brisbane North Region Readers Cup competition every year. Students in Year 7 can apply to be a part of the team.  All details, including dates, books, and practice times are finalised during Term 1.  Practices span the length of Term 2, with the competition itself occurring towards the end of Semester 1.  The goal of the team is to have fun and meet new people who share a love of reading.  


STEM Club is for students in Years 7 and 8, with an interest in exploring all aspects of STEM.  Students will collaborate on problem-based activities, and engage in exciting learning opportunities.  STEM Club meets once a week.

Study Groups


Forming study groups is a very effective strategy for enhancing learning.  This is because groups share unique insights and learn from each other.  Group members can also teach confusing concepts they understand to other group members.  Study groups are particularly effective for completing projects, developing presentations, and preparing for exams.

“Study groups have been found to enable students to improve notes taken, share talents, allow material to be covered more effectively, provide a support system for the students involved and can make the learning more fulfilling and enjoyable” (Education Corner, 2019).