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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

Elizabeth Hayes School (Years 11 & 12)

Mount Alvernia College

At Mount Alvernia College all students are expected to achieve either a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or Queensland Certificate of Individual Attainment (QCIA). Students will be closely monitored throughout their Senior schooling, to ensure that there is appropriate risk management around the QCE.

To achieve a QCE students must have:

  • Accumulated 20 points – which can be achieved by completion of Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 to a minimum C standard
  • Met minimum requirements for literacy and numeracy
  • Completed 12 points as part of Set Pattern (across core courses)

For further information on QCE students and parents are directed to the QCAA website.

QCAA Website

Students unable to achieve QCE may be eligible for a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement. This will be managed in the College’s Senior Education Training Plan Processes, when students are in Year 10. Students in a position of QCE risk will be closely managed by College staff to explore possible contingencies around QCE attainment. This may include:

  • undertaking additional units of study (for example, a holiday Certificate course)
  • additional Academic mentoring
  • pathway change
  • repeating at Mount Alvernia or another College

Senior Pathways

Students at Mount Alvernia College are encouraged to aspire to their personal best in whichever pathway they have determined for themselves. In Senior, students 6 subjects. In some instances, students may study 5 subjects, to accommodate needs. Pathway options offered at Mount Alvernia College include:

  • University Direct Pathway (ATAR only – preferably with 6 General subjects)
  • Flexible Pathway (ATAR + Rank – preferably with 5 General subjects + a Certificate III or Diploma Course)
  • Vocational Pathway (Rank only, with a combination of General, Applied and Certificate subjects, including certificate courses through TAFE at Schools).

Students on a Flexible Pathway are advised to select a Certificate or Diploma course that can be completed as part of the College timetable, maximising attendance at school for lessons. Where students on a Flexible Pathway choose to undertake a Certificate or Diploma course off timetable through an outside provider, the course must be completed by the end of Year 11, so that students are not missing instruction in summative units.

Subject Selection Principles

Students are advised to select subjects in Senior which:

  • Match their demonstrated abilities (including having met pre-requisite requirements)
  • Match their pathway pre-requisites (considerations around English, Science and Maths)
  • Match their interests

Where students require a highly competitive ATAR consideration should also be given to scaling implications of subject selections, where student capacity across subjects is equivalent.

Timetable Structure

Students in Year 11 or 12 can study between 6 and 7 subjects from General, Applied, Certificate or School Based Courses. Student subject selection in the Senior Phase is closely monitored through a mentoring process a SET planning time in Year 10. Any deviation from the agreed SET plan and requests for subject changes, should be managed in consultation with the Teaching and Learning Guardian for Elizabeth Hayes School, or the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning.

At Mount Alvernia College, students in Year 11 and 12 must study an English course and a Religious Education Course. Students must also credential for their numeracy qualification or QCE. Options to satisfy these requirements include:

English Requirement Religion Requirement Numeracy Requirement
Essential English Applied Subject Religion, Meaning and Life School Based Subject – Flexible Delivery Essential Mathematics Applied Subject

Possibility of Flexible Delivery for students wishing to credential for numeracy point only

English General Subject Religion and Ethics Applied General Mathematics General Subject
Literature General Subject Study of Religion General Subject Mathematical Methods General Subject


Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 Line 7
Elective Choice 1 Elective Choice 2 Elective Choice 3 Elective Choice 4 Elective Choice 5







½ Study

½ RML (if no SOR / RE on Line 6)


Subjects by Learning Area

Mount Alvernia College offers a range of subject choices for students in the Senior phase, to support diverse pathway interests. Subjects while offered, will only proceed on the basis of sufficient student interest. In addition to the subjects above, these include:

Arts Business and Technology Health Humanities
  • Drama (G)
  • Media Arts in Practice (A)
  • Music (G)
  • Visual Art (G)
  • Accounting (G)
  • Business – Certificate III
  • Business – Diploma
  • Design (G)
  • Digital Solutions  (G)
  • Economics (G)
  • Allied Health Assistance – Certificate III
  • Fitness – Certificate III
  • Food and Nutrition (G)
  • Health Support Services – Certificate II
  • Health Services Assistance – Certificate III
  • Hospitality – Certificate III
  • Physical Education (G)
  • Ancient History (G)
  • Geography (G)
  • Legal Studies (G)
  • Modern History (G)
  • Study of Religion (G)


Languages Maths Science Vocational Options
  • Italian (by Distance Education only)
  • Japanese
  •  Specialist Maths (G)
  •  Biology (G)
  •   Chemistry (G)
  • Physics (G)
  • Psychology (G)
  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways


Learning How to Learn

Students in Elizabeth Hayes School will have a study line across the timetable to ensure appropriate time is given to revision and consolidation both at home and at school. As part of the study allocation, students will be supported to manage:

  • Goal and strategy setting
  • Study and assignment organisational strategies
  • Understanding of success criteria across subjects
  • Examination preparation
  • Actioning of feedback
  • Academic growth planning

All students in Senior school have access to the Study Skills Handbook online, and can review, at any time, strategies that are pertinent to them.