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Mount Alvernia College

Educating young women in the Franciscan tradition

Learning Framework

Mount Alvernia College

At Mount Alvernia College it is our aim to nurture a culture of learning. The focus on maintaining and strengthening the learning and teaching environment to ensure all members of the community are active learners is considered paramount to our success. We have established and continue to develop programs, learning experiences, opportunities, processes and physical spaces that ensure a safe and supportive learning environment. By intentionally learning from the past, we focus on the present and ensure that we are enabling our learners to prepare for their future, one that will require a unique skill set.

Learning and Teaching FrameworkWith our Franciscan values overarching all that we do, our Learning and Teaching Framework provides the professional platform for our learning approach and how we implement it within the College.

Six core principles guide our framework. These are:

  • Share practice
  • Realise potential
  • Forge connections
  • Enable excellence
  • Build resilience
  • Engage learners

Of all of these, our key intent is to engage learners as this will ensure success at every level and stage of our young women’s Mount Alvernia journey.

To establish a culture of learning we are modelling our approach at Mount Alvernia on the Charles A Dana Centre recommendations:

  • Encourage, expect, and require authentic collegiality among the adults in the system;
  • Model, encourage, and expect student participation and active engagement;
  • Set high expectations for all students while providing appropriate social and academic supports;  and
  • Promote a sense of belonging among students by encouraging and recognising diverse expressions of competence and expertise.

Our Learning and Teaching framework has been developed by a committed team of teachers and leaders.  Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Kath Little is responsible for the oversight of all learning within the College, with a particular focus on the implementation of the Learning and Teaching Framework, tracking of student learning, and analysis of data to inform school growth and development.