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Mount Alvernia College

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Year 11 Drama Performance

Date: June 7, 2019    Posted by: Camilla Horn

Year 11 Drama students delivered an outstanding, moving ensemble performance for their assessment at the end of Term 1.  The students directed and performed multiple roles in scenes from Brisbane playwright Sally Mckenzie’s play Scattered Lives about the plight of refugees who had to flee their countries from war – their dangerous journeys to reach Australia, and challenges and humorous moments in their new country.  The play was a verbatim-style with the script constructed from interviews with refugees.  Audience members were engaged and deeply moved by the performance, stating that the students did not seem as if they were acting; rather they had become the roles they were playing.  The cast appreciated the support of Drama X students as chorus in the performance.

Throughout the rehearsal process and the performance, the Drama students demonstrated their maturity, intellectual engagement, confidence, ability to work in an ensemble, communicative ability, and creative skills.  Skills gained in studying Drama equip students with strong ability in leading teams, collaborative decision making, presenting confidently, creative problem solving, and confident communication necessary in a wide range of careers: event management, creative arts, teaching, pitching projects in design and architecture, marketing, administration, and the  health industry.  Drama prepares students excellently for confidence at school and for their futures.