Vision and Mission

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Inspired by Saint Francis, Saint Clare and Elizabeth Hayes, Mount Alvernia College exists to educate the minds and hearts of students in a community of challenge and support. Guided by Gospel values, we empower our students to be hope-filled and resilient, with agency for learning and life – equipped to transform our world.


The Franciscan narrative calls us to be visionary in aspirations, ethical in relationships and agile in solutions. Mount Alvernia College is a community of faith that is inclusive, welcoming and generous.

Learning programs are innovative and excellent, tailored to student needs and with a focus on expanding students’ capabilities and horizons. There is a strong focus on critical thinking, creativity, continuous improvement and ethical leadership.

We are a school of choice for staff, where professional capability is fostered through clarity of role and expectations, professional learning, and leadership pathways. Staff are passionate, collaborative and highly effective, continuously evolving their practices, skills and resilience in challenging times.

We are well known and valued both locally and beyond. Our strong partnerships link us to research and industry. We leverage these relationships to solve ecological and social challenges, creating options and pathways for the real world.

Sustainable plans underpin our resourcing and development. Our spaces are flexible, functional, and beautiful.

Every student is known, valued and respected. They are joy-filled, confident, resilient, courageous, and compassionate. Our graduates are globally aware and are empowered to use their voice and talents to respond to the needs of the time.

Our Guiding Values


We believe that courage is the embodiment of a spirited learner and leader. It is the virtue which helps us to face challenges and to call out injustice in our world.


We believe that our young people need a hope-filled and optimistic future. Saint Francis was known as a man of deep and abiding joy because he believed that joy could be found by recognising the presence of God in all things. By boldly seeking our aspirations with purpose and meaning, we too can live life fully and joyfully.


We believe that respect is at the very foundation of all relationships. We honour the dignity of the whole person through love and inclusion. We respect the intrinsic value of our common home and all of creation.


We believe that service is the demonstrated expression of who we are as Franciscan people. We use our gifts and talents to serve others with compassion. Through our action for justice locally and globally, we seek to transform the world for good.

Our Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025

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