Student learning (both in formal and informal sense) is at the centre of all we do at Mount Alvernia College.

Teachers work with care, intention and purpose, in a culture of high support and high challenge, so that students come to realise their intrinsic potential, within and beyond the classroom.

Our graduate vision and our intentional approach to both teaching and learning, is reflected in our College Teaching and Learning Frameworks, which inform education from Year 7 – 12.

Our Graduate Vision

Mount Alvernia Graduates are people of hope, courage, industry, persistence and curiosity. They are highly literate and numerate; they know how to learn and are committed to ongoing improvement. Capable critical thinkers, they value accuracy, precision and feedback. They engage in respectful, robust questioning and conversation to progress their own learning. They practise their skills and routines with regularity to ensure proficiency. They value work readiness, diversity, tolerance and global perspectives and recognise the role they will play as changemakers for a socially just and ecologically sustainable future.

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