The counselling team at Mount Alvernia College provides a high quality, evidence-based service for students, parents and carers.

Our qualified Counsellors are accredited with their respective professional organisations, and offer a safe and non-judgmental space in which to address a range of issues that may be impacting a student’s wellbeing. Sessions are confidential and provide a discrete opportunity to work through issues, so that students are well supported to achieve their potential and remain engaged learners. However, if information is shared about a student being at risk of harm or that indicates a criminal offence has been committed, we are mandated by law to report this to ensure the student’s safety.

Our Counsellors offer short-term engagement; referral to a range of external services where relevant; and work closely with other staff/professionals in the student’s life where needed. Students can self-refer or may be referred via their Head of House/other school staff, as well as through their parent/carer. It is important to understand that engagement with a College Counsellor is voluntary and can only occur with the student’s consent.

In addition, the Counsellors are available to support parents and carers through individual consultations where required; and via parent information sessions delivered each school term. Our College values the partnership between school and home, and the vital role parents and caregivers play in supporting educational wellbeing.

Our counselling team are located within Student Services in the Anthony building.