Where possible, all curriculum at Mount Alvernia College is designed with a ‘futures outlook’.

Students from Year 7-9 participate in a dedicated ‘Work and Careers Readiness’ program to help them prepare for post-school opportunities. A key feature of this program, aside from building knowledge about the world of work, is building student dispositions around ‘soft-skills’ including teamwork, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and creative thinking. Students in Year 9 will also participate in a SET planning process, to ensure maximisation of opportunities post school and strong College awareness of the personal learning journey of each student.

In Years 10-12, students undertake a more encompassing program, which includes career profiling, education programs, workshops and expos, university and industry visits, work experience. Students also participate in a thorough SET Planning process to follow up tracking and progress review meetings, to ensure personal learning goals are closely managed and outcomes maximised. In Senior, students benefit from individualised QTAC advice mentor meetings, and are supported to attain ‘micro-credentials’ that enhance eligibility for scholarships and enrolment in first-choice university courses.

The College has a purpose-built Futures Hub, a modern facility that offers the specialised services of full-time, qualified Careers and VET Coordinator. Using expert knowledge of the world of university, TAFE, apprenticeships and traineeships, entrepreneurship and employment, the Hub staff give confidence to families and students to navigate the increasing non-linear pathways beyond school.

The Head of Futures and Partnerships, in conjunction with the Dean of Senior School, Heads of Faculty, Heads of House and Deputies are responsible for ensuring each graduating Year 12 student exits from the College with confidence and optimism, ready and able to make informed decisions about next steps in a global community.