At the heart of our Franciscan education is our unique commitment to Educational Wellbeing and the development of the whole person.

What is Educational Wellbeing?

At Mount Alvernia College, Educational Wellbeing recognises the intrinsic link that exists between wellbeing and learning for all students. We know that exceptional student care within a learning community will only be possible when the best elements of wellbeing and academic challenge interconnect in an environment of high support and high challenge.

Educational Wellbeing is realised when:

  • there is a deep knowledge of the students in our care: “every student is known, valued and respected”, such that they feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • explicit wellbeing and faith-based programs connect to student learning opportunities to develop spirituality, purpose, meaning, mastery and a sense of accomplishment that is available to all.
  • strategies which cultivate learner agency, self-efficacy and self-regulation are explicit, such that students understand ‘how to learn’, know their next learning steps and have the tools to build confidence, courage, self-belief and to manage new learnings.
  • excellence, effort and improvement are always acknowledged and celebrated.

Homeroom Mentor Groups are vertically configured into Houses and comprise of 17-20 students from Years 7-12. Their Homeroom Mentor Teacher is an important point of contact and support for the entirety of secondary journey. Our broader Wellbeing Team is led by our Deputy Principal of Student Development and Wellbeing, 6 Heads of House and 2 College Counsellors.

As the mental health and growing resilience of our young people is a priority, current evidence-based research is used to inform our student wellbeing programs and social emotional learning competencies. We recognise that navigating adolescence can be a challenge so as a College we are committed to working closely in partnership with our parents and carers in the space of educational wellbeing.

Academic Mentoring – our personalised commitment to every student

Our unique approach to educational wellbeing is best exemplified through our careful oversight and tracking of your child’s educational journey. Our students alongside their Parents/Carers, meet with their Homeroom Mentor Teacher twice a year to review their demonstrated strengths, interests, academic, wellbeing and attendance data to date. Personalised academic and wellbeing goals are set in these meetings and are revisited during the year to ensure that every student at Mount Alvernia College is striving towards their personal best. At Mount Alvernia College we are actively invested in your child’s educational wellbeing, and aim to ensure that every student is known to us and that no student ever ‘goes under the radar’.