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Mount Alvernia College proudly offers purpose-built, student-centred facilities located a mere ten kilometres from Brisbane City.

Anthony Wing

The Anthony Wing is named after St Anthony, a disciple of St Francis. In 2009, the Anthony Building was renovated to make way for La Foresta and La Cucina.

Today, it contains College Reception, Student Services, the College Leadership Team offices, Enrolments, Finance, 13 education spaces, the Assisi Room and our state-of-the-art professional kitchens, used by our Food Technology, Nutrition and Hospitality students.

Elizabeth Hayes Centre

The Elizabeth Hayes Centre is named for Elizabeth Hayes, an educationalist with particular concerns for the poor and for the education of women. She joined a Franciscan community in Scotland and eventually, in 1854, founded her own religious community, known as the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, in Belle Prairie, Minnesota, USA. These sisters went on to found Mount Alvernia College in 1956.

The Elizabeth Hayes Centre was constructed in 1996, and today it is home to our Library, which offers a range of spaces that cater to all year levels.

Clare Wing

The Clare Wing is named after St Clare of Assisi, who was one of the first followers of St Francis of Assisi. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition and wrote their Rule of Life – the first monastic rule known to have been written by a woman.

This building houses the Uniform Shop, Delamore Board Room and a range of multi-purpose education spaces.

San Damiano Centre

The fifth decade of the College’s existence saw the construction of the San Damiano Centre. This Centre is an integral part of college life, with a range of sporting activities played within, assemblies and special events delivered from its stage, and both our Music and Drama rooms built alongside.

Francis Wing

This building takes its name and spirit from St Francis of Assisi, one of the most well-known Saints in Catholic history. This Wing features two levels of education spaces with our Design and Technology classes using the majority of the classrooms.

La Verna

This building is named La Verna (in Latin, Alverna) after a locality on Mount Penna. La Verna comprises of three levels with four classrooms on each level. This building was architecturally designed to allow for natural air flow through the education spaces with large sliding doors on both sides of each classroom.

La Foresta

La Foresta is in a valley just 5 kilometres from Rieti – a peaceful retreat to which Francis came in the summer of 1225.

La Foresta is designed to be both a working garden and place for contemplation, reflection and peace. La Foresta is a place like no other, with 25 garden beds that contain a range of produce used in both La Cucina and by our Hospitality students.

La Cucina

In keeping with historical connection to St Francis, the canteen has been called La Cucina, which in Italian means The Kitchen. La Cucina is an important service provided to students and staff, which delivers fresh and healthy food for our community daily.

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